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The world is dominated by A.I. and clones are a normal part of life. Rebel factions take refuge in a desert area known as "The DeadLands."

Claire survives in this world by executing black market contracts for local leaders involving delivery, sabotage and murder. While investigating her past, she uncovers strange evidence that links her existence with the origin of the A.I.


+ Explore a huge, battered world in your car encompassing six maps loaded with side quests, NPCs, and arenas. Follow the story and make decisions that will affect the ending.

+ Battle through dungeon locations on foot. Use long and short range attacks on enemies, block with your shield, and solve intricate puzzles. Stack sprite art style that offers fully rotatable dungeons that look 2D, but are actually 3D!

+ Craft new moves, weapons and drugs. Customize yourself with body mods and cybernetics to survive The Deadlands. Customize your car to traverse terrain and withstand the effects of weather and night and day.

+ Earn clout in the gang reputation system. Stop oncoming cars, barter items, recruit NPCs and receive help on missions. Or fend off unwanted attacks!

+ Indulge in extra game modes such as destruction derby-style racing and twisted battle arena! All while grooving out to a thumping synthwave soundtrack!